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Sep 21, 2015: Every four years, the locusts of over-exaggeration descend upon this nation, in the form of the media's and the public's reaction to what presidential candidates promise, and the platforms upon which they base their campaigns. With the same regularity, we forget that the office of President is frequently unable to do some (or most) of what the candidates promise, yet we in general, get all supportive or all outraged during the course of the election cycle, and it's all based on these vapors spewed by both parties.

The media loves it for the feigned outrage they can cite, and especially for the advertising sales they reap from the attention. The crop of candidates inevitably is full of industry-owned politicians and not leaders. As for the public... we're subjected to the same empty suits, the same empty platitudes, and we end up with no choice but to elect someone that's ill-suited for the job. And the choice is frequently made based on the pie-in-the-sky promises that these folks cannot keep, and frequently have no intention to keep. They say them knowing they're full of crap, but also knowing they're necessary to convince the gullible public. We need a sea-change... but first we need a sea.

Aug 24, 2015: Nothing like fanning the flames: NBC News headline = "Stocks Plunge In Historic Rout" - every news outlet loves a good fire, whether it's real flames or otherwise, and they're not averse to pumping in some extra oxygen to boost ratings. CNN's at it, too with HUGE FONT = DOW CRUSHED and in a much smaller sub-article title = don't panic. Their main headline is PANIC and oh by the way, shhhhh, don't panic. Bastards.

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